About Strayan

Strayan is a family effort to improve the lives of all Australians.

For years, our dinner table discussions have often revolved around Australian products and what could be done to encourage people to buy Australian. The impetus to build Strayan was born out of a desire to do something positive in response to COVID and a personal life changing event.

Throughout the Melbourne lockdown, I learnt how to build mobile apps in order to build something to benefit all Australians. My wife works on marketing and PR, my sister focuses on social media, my father wears many hats, as well as my extended family and friends who have all been incredibly supportive - whether it be hands on or looking after our kids while we worked to get Strayan out to the public. We all live in Melbourne.

Strayan as it stands today is the first stage - we plan to launch many more initiatives as we feel a lot more can be done.

Please feel free to reach out to gday@strayan.net.au if you have any questions or thoughts on how we can move the needle towards Australian producers.

All the best

Alex alex@strayan.net.au


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