Helping you buy Australian.

The Strayan App provides a fast, simple score of “Australian-ness” for almost a quarter million everyday products, so you can choose to support Australian businesses, farmers and families.

Australians will spend $121bn at the supermarket in 2021. If we can shift a fraction of 1% to Australian producers, that could divert 100s of millions of dollars to the local economy.

The Strayan App is a tool to achieve that goal.

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The Speedy Scanner

Create your own Australian supermarket aisle

Scan mutiple product barcodes quickly and compare the Strayan Score before making your purchasing decision. No need to squint at small text on labels.

Strayan Score & MyScore

A score out of 100 to denote how Australian a product is

A simple calculation based on the origin of ingredients, manufacture and ownership, colour coded to traffic light colours.

The Strayan Score is based on what we think is fair, however this may not reflect your own shopping preferences. If you have a different view of what’s important, by subscribing to Strayan MAX you can create a MyScore and have a bespoke scoring according to your own values.

Strayan Score

Denoted by our wombat, a score out of 100 that indicates how Australian a product is. Our default weightings reflect our perception of what is important to most Aussies


Customise the score to your personal values with MyScore - change weightings and favour/unfavour any country (unfavouring shows the score in grey)

What information is in Strayan?

Ingredients & Components

Identifies which country the ingredients and components are sourced from. Includes the percentage of Australian content for products where that information is available.


Identifies if the product is locally made. Our definition is where the product was processed or assembled (including packed) from it’s raw components or ingredients


Where the company who owns the product is ultimately domiciled, including corporate parent (if any). This is important to understand where taxes are paid and if profits stay in Australia.

Almost a quarter million products scored

That’s a lot of products and while we have excellent coverage across Aussie supermarkets, we don’t have everything (yet!). Understand what kind of experience you’ll have…

Why have we made Strayan?

Move the needle towards Australian goods & produce

We are all becoming more determined to support Australian businesses, farmers and families. We believe that the features within the Strayan app provide Australians with the information to make a significant impact towards that goal.

Clarity & Transparency

We’ve deliberately made the Strayan score simple, so it’s easy to understand how the score was obtained. We also wanted to have as many products as possible scored, so there’s as little ambiguity as possible for any product that Strayan has data on.

Customised to your values

The Strayan score is based on what we think is fair, however this may not reflect your shopping preferences. MyScore (available as part of Strayan MAX) allows you to set your own parameters.

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